September Retreat: Details

Maitreya House

Turn up, shut up, sit down, walk, eat, sleep and silence the ‘Monkey Mind’. A weekend retreat provides an opportunity to get away from the  hectic pace of everyday living; the chatter, the constant attention stealers and pressure to think and do every minute of the day and put your life on ‘mute’.  A retreat allows you to take the time and energy you normally use for external communication and channel it inward and while it can seem intimidating, a silent retreat can be an insightful, grounding experience.

Although this retreat takes its cue from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, the retreat is open to anyone, regardless of faith or affiliation.

What: A weekend silent meditation retreat in the Theravada Buddhist tradition

Where: Maitreya House, Lower Maescoed, Hereford, HR2 0HP

When: Friday 28th September 2018 – Sunday 30th September 2018

Time: The retreat starts at 19:00 – 19:30 for a light supper and introductory chat and finishes at 16:00 on Sunday

Cost: £50.00 +  food to share

Click here for the FAQ page for more details

Reserving a Place:  A place on the retreat costs £50.00. A £10 non-returnable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure a place.

There are a total of 12 places so please reserve your spot early.

Click here to reserve a place.  When you reserve a place you will receive an email with payment details. Please pay your deposit within 7 days. Once your deposit is paid, you’ll receive a receipt and a confirmation of your place. Your place is not confirmed until you pay your deposit.

The balance is payable by 1st September 2018. Of course, you can pay the full amount whenever you like before 1st September, you will always receive a receipt.

The Retreat

What to expect
Simple but comfortable, shared accommodation, early wake-up bells, basic but good vegan food. A personal adventure, space to shut out the noise and distractions and just ‘be’.

What not to expect
Luxury, a yoga retreat or a spa retreat. 4 or 5-star accommodation, alcohol, internet, books, small talk (or any talk), food after midday.

Daily Schedule
See here

Noble silence
Noble silence gives us the opportunity to not engage in conversation with others unless absolutely necessary. This can be thought of as a gift that we rarely have in day to day life.  Noble Silence helps to quieten the mind and allows us to have space and time to reflect inwardly and observe our minds, thoughts and feelings.

Sitting and walking meditation
Both sitting and walking meditation sessions usually last for about 45 minutes. There are opportunities to sit in meditation for longer during free periods, should you wish to do so.

Working meditation
Working meditation periods are an opportunity to practice mindfulness whilst doing a simple task in silence. On this retreat, we will use meal preparation, clear-up and a general tidy up to practice working meditation. Instructions for each task are given at the beginning of the retreat.

Eight Precepts
Theravada retreats observe the Eight Precepts. They offer a way of living together morally, ethically and harmoniously, causing ourselves and each other as little suffering as possible.

Harmlessness: not intentionally taking the life of any living creature.
Trustworthiness: not taking anything that is not freely offered.
Celibacy: refraining from any sexual activity.
Right Speech: avoiding false, abusive or malicious speech and idle chatter. Whilst on retreat keeping Noble Silence.
Sobriety: not taking any intoxicating drinks or drugs that lead to carelessness.
Renunciation: not eating after midday.
Restraint: not wearing make-up, perfume, jewellery or immodest clothing; not texting, emailing, making telephone calls or using the internet; not playing or listening to music, or watching TV.
Alertness: refraining from overindulgence in sleep.

Maitreya House

Shrine Room

KutiMaitreya House comprises the house, three wooden cabins, a utility block, gardens and an adjacent field.

The main house has a ground floor living/teaching space which opens to the dining area via double doors. Also on the ground floor is a well-equipped kitchen.The Kitchen

On the first floor are two twin/triple bedrooms, a single bedroom, and a modern bathroom/shower/toilet.

In the grounds are three wooden cabins, each with two single beds, for one or two person occupancy. A modern wooden utility block houses two toilets, two showers, a store and a laundry.



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