September Retreat: FAQ

What if I hate it? Oddly enough a retreat is hard work. I think most people who do a retreat go through an ‘I hate it’, ‘this is crazy’ or ‘what on earth do I think I’m doing?’ stage. The normally passes (‘this too shall pass’), but if you really can’t take another moment of sitting no one is going to take your details and put you in detention. Try to work through it, drop me a note if you want a chat, but this is your retreat to work through as you wish. I’ve never meditated before. Now’s a good time to try :-). There will also be some basic vipassana instruction at the start of the retreat if you need it. I’m worried I won’t be able to sit still You don’t need to! This is not meant to be torture or an endurance course. The number one rule in…

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September Meditation Retreat

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20 Surprising Facts About Kerala

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The £50 Challenge: Challenge Accepted

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18 days in North Kerala: The Plan

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